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Promotional code

What is a promotional code and what is it for?

With a discount code or promotional code, you'll get other benefits in addition to the basic rate conditions.

How is it used?

If you already have a code, enter it in the Promotional Code field and start the booking process. If the reservation meets the conditions of the code, it will be automatically applied to the reservation.

General conditions of use:

A promotional code can only be applied to the accommodation and pension portion of your booking.

Any discounts associated with your promotional code cannot be applied to the complementary product portion of the booking.

Only one promo code can be applied to a booking.

HOTEL BALNEARI TERMES ORION reserves the right to apply or not to apply a promotional code.

Apart from the general conditions of use, each promotional code has specific conditions.

These conditions can be viewed on the information page of the campaign or offer related to the code (for example, the expiration dates of the code and the hotels to which the code can be applied).


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